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Santa wish list

spring_2014_leathergoods_26 GALAXY-Camera_Dynamic_Largepverj_mult-1 :Users:sweetmiam:Pictures:Bibliothèque iPhoto:Previews:2013:12:04:20131204-111034:spring_2014_leathergoods_26.jpgHermes_Enamel_Braceletsvisuel_acceuil

Bag: Celine

Camera: Samsung Galaxy

Fur: American Retro

Shoes: American Retro

Bracelet: Hermes

Rings: Vertygo Indygo

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I want this bag!!! Peekaboo by Fendy

I definitely love this bag because it’s so modern and classical at the same time. First if you look carefully the shape of it, it’s like a mix of the Kelly by Hermès and the Muse Two by Saint-Laurent. Then when you look into details inside the bag, the signature is so modern and feminine. Peekaboo is a timeless icon full of trendy surprise!8BN210_P61_E2E_01 8BN226_P62_E2F_01

Collection Fall-Winter 2013

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